Unlimited by space, you can enjoy clean air through a 0.3-meter dust filter of 3M United States

CARD air cleaning speed up to 55 liters / minute

The unique L-shaped air volume design, 360º circulating air circulation provides optimum air filtration and provides sufficient air for the operator to protect your breathing. always in the fresh environment. Super dust prevention PM0.3, 1.0, 2.5 and the bacteria, viruses, allergic pollen …

Unlimited by space, you can enjoy clean air through a 0.3-meter dust filter of 3M United States

PM removal rate 2.5 & gt; 95%

PM removal rate 2.5> 95%

HEPA filters can absorb dust from cigarettes, see invisible dust particles.

Design and manufacture of the most compact and fashionable mobile air purifiers on the market

Clean Air Blower

3M Face Mask

Moisture sprayer

Ancient Massages

Clean Air Blower

Provide clean air near your face and nose 6 to 8 times the amount of air required to breathe. In this area the air is cleaned with PM2.5 or PM10 concentrations of less than 35ppm. Air quality reach the best possible level

3M fashion mask is integrated activated charcoal filter inside

Avoid face-to-face contact, allowing you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, eliminating the feeling of fatigue and irritability even when walking out on the road in time. hot, foul odor, moldy and in the fog

Make up the mask class

Make up the mask class

5 layers of filter material with different density, good filtration of floating fibers, dust, PM2.5, pollen and other particles floating in the air.

Moisture sprayer

The ultrasonic cutting technology integrates the pure water splinters into the 0.05mm diameter mist spray lines around your face and nose, so it does not make your face dry and is good for your nose and nose. Feeling comfortable and not tired

Electronic micro pulse neck massager with a design suitable for your neck

Via low-frequency electronic micro pulse, it will massage your neck lightly and help you feel comfortable and comfortable.

We care about every detail in the design, strict quality control of each part, help you use is safe, convenient and most comfortable.

Sophisticated circuit design, carefully selected accessories, only to make it smaller and easier when you use. Flexible, soft curve structure.

Mobile Battery Charger

It uses a high capacity battery, so in case your phone runs out of battery, you can take advantage of the battery power to charge your phone. It’s designed to be safe for you when charging your phone in this way.

The structure extends and hides 2cm for 2 sides to fit the user

The extended structure hides 2cm on both sides, which is consistent with the neck curve of each person, and is more convenient when adjusting the direction of air supply to the face.

Intelligent design, folding when moving

With precision mechanical design, smooth, intelligent 90º angle inside, easy to move or take off.

Weight 249g

With its small design, it significantly reduces the weight of the engine, chip and battery.